Coconut Winter

Omega Nutrition - Virgin Coconut Oil - Full Flavour

I have to admit, Winter is my least favourite season. It’s cold, wet, dark and none of my favourite fruits are in season and from all the wind and indoor heating my skin seems to reject my face and flake away.

Not to worry though, this Winter I have Coconut Oil. What is it about coconuts that remind me of summer? Is it the fact that they come from tropical lands or is it because it smells like suntan lotion? Whatever it is I plan on keeping an ample supply to hold me up until spring.

Coconut oil is so versatile and the health benefits are endless but mostly it helps keep my skin nourished and moisturized .Many people cook with it and some people like to put it in their smoothies, but for now, I simply rub it on my skin like a lotion after I get out of the shower. I bought the full flavour version because I find that as it does leave my skin silky smooth and glistening the experience is just not the same without that wonderfully sweet coconutty aroma.

The full flavour version is just as tasty as it smells so I’m going to be experimenting with it to see what kind of recipes I can come up with.

So if you suffer from dry skin in the winter time go get some coconut oil and butter up!


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