Trout. My new favourite fish.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve eaten trout. I remember eating it everyday for weeks because my dad would go fishing all season and bring them home as his trophies. Sometimes, I would go along with him, but all I managed to do was waste all his bait feeding the fish he had caught which he had kept in a bucket of water. Even though I felt sorry for those doomed fish in the bucket I enjoyed eating them even more.

Trout is very forgiving and really easy to cook. You don’t need much to flavor it, and it somehow stays moist and dellicate no matter how badly you overcook it.

I’ve posted my Sunday dinner here for you which I sort of just threw together on the fly.


2 Trout filets

1 tsp of Vegeta

Black Pepper to taste

1/4 up White Wine

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1. Add the Olive oil to a skillet and heat on Medium-High. Season the Trout with black pepper and Vegeta.

2. Place the Trout filets in the skillet skin-side down and fry for 1-2 minutes until the edges of the fish start to turn opaque.

3. Add the wine and cover with a lid to steam. The Trout should be opaque in color and flake apart when cooked.

I served the trout along side some brown rice, sauted kale, and some pan-fried sweet potato.

Sweet potato is High in Fiber, rich in Vitamins A and C, AND it’s great for diabetics because it’s been known to help stabilize blood sugar. Funny thing is I always thought it was bad for diabetics because it tastes so sweet but it actually has a lower glycemic index than regular potato so I always try and use sweet potato instead of white potatoes when I can. Yum!


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