Sushi night!!!!

I’ve gone way over budget with my groceries this week…but you know, I would rather spend money on good wholesome food than on anything else. It’s funny how we are more willing to spend more money on materialistic things than what we put inside our bodies, so think about that next time when you’re debating wether to buy the organic bananas versus the non-organic ones etc.

So following my over-budget grocery trip I decided to use these wonderfully wholesome ingredients to make some vegetarian sushi!

The nice thing about sushi is you can put pretty much anything you want in it as long as it’s wrapped in seaweed and dipped in soya sauce, so feel free to play around with different ingredients as you make this delicious meal.

Here are a few things I put in mine….

Cucumber, red bell pepper, avocado, sprouts, basil and fresh coriander

Slice up your veggies lengthwise so that they are easily rolled up in the seaweed(nori) wraps.

We spread the avocado on one half of the wrap to help hold veggies in place.

Then we piled on the rest of the veggies!

Here is another variation of toppings. My husband is obsessed with smoked oysters, so he mixed some with hot sauce and added them as well.

We are absolutely crazy about this hot sauce, we put it on everything! Sriracha HOT Chili Sauce.

The finished product

The sushi was so delicious that my hubby offered to do the dishes!

So give it a try, sushi isn’t as hard to make as it looks. Comment below and let me know what kind of combinations you come up with!



3 responses to “Sushi night!!!!

  1. svaka ti cast Menso

  2. My roommate made sushi last night… so yummy! This looks awesome, loaded with veggies and so pretty!

  3. looks so yummy!! love that your husband did the dishes.

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